Dan Deacon has released an interactive new music video / video game for his new single "Meme Generator."

Deacon's performances are known to immersive and collaborative, and his new video, directed by Monica Mirabile, takes this to the next level. Mirable says the video takes four choreographers interpreting the space of a liminal house into dance: “I’m most directly inspired by the choreography of the people that surround me, as we are all affected by a similar marketed reality. We all play the game.”

The video features a computer voice narrating the new rules of the game: "Meme Generator is not just a new game, its a new game system. It involves a whole lot of a new toys that you are going to be the first to try out." The track is the latest single off Deacon's new album Gliss Riffer on Domino. You can play the video game on the Meme Generator site, here.

Cover Image: Dan Deacon / Domino Records