In January, Lil Wayne sued record label Cash Money and Birdman, the company's co-founder, for $51 million and freedom from the label. Now, Birdman and his protege Young Thug, have been accused of conspiring to kill Lil Wayne.

Young Thug's tour manager, Jimmy Winfrey, has been charged with the shooting itself and was arrested for the incident in May. Birdman and Young Thug have not yet been charged.

Young Thug's video for Halftime, which shows Young Thug making reference to Lil Wayne while holding a rifle, is being used as evidence.

We looked through Halftime to find some incriminating lyrics, but all we could find were comically bad lyrics.

I pass the school, I pass by all the stallions
I just want that neck like a giraffe
I like fish in water, I'm a bear
175, I shave it like it's Nair
Lay out, watch the kids like a daycare
I don't play games, no I'm not the fair

After news of the accusation broke, Birdman filed a lawsuit against Jay Z and Tidal for $50 million for streaming Lil Wayne's Free Weezy Album, according to TMZ. Birdman claims Cash Money owns exclusive rights to all of Lil Wayne's music.

Tweets from Mike Petchenik of Atlanta's WSB-TV provide some more details about the alleged attempted murder case:

In other news, Young Thug was arrested yesterday for threatening to shoot a mall cop.

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