When Epic Records approached Slovenian artist Sanja Tošić about purchasing an image of hers from Shutterstock, she had no idea who Future was, or that her photo, which became his album cover, would be viewed by millions around the world. Finally, a Fader interview cleared up the confusion and brought this strange story into the light. 

Dirty Sprite 2 #DS2

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The cover image for the highly anticipated release of Dirty Sprite 2 features a nebulous blue and pink cloud. When asked how much she made from the image, she gave a range of $0.33 to $80.00 per image, telling Fader that Shutterstock takes a decent portion of her revenue.

Upon learning about Future, Tošić said, "I checked his album right away. I don't think I heard about him before. I would also like to buy a CD for myself."

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