Operating rooms in the UK more often than not play music while performing surgery.

According to a study, drum and bass is one of the worst, and most popular, genres to play. Thirty-five hours of footage were recorded in operating rooms, where music was played in 16 out of the 20 procedures. 

Drum & bass and dance music are played the loudest, and can cause nurses to not hear instructions. Repetition of directions between doctors and nurses also happened five times more often while drum and bass played than in surgeries where no music was played.

Lead author Sharon Weldon says,"Our study shows that playing music in the operating theatre can run counter to effective communication and highlights the need to consider both positive and negative effects of music on staff and patients."

Facts about music during operations:

 The Aesthetic Surgery Journal reports that soothing music can actually improve accuracy for plastic surgery and reduce a patient's time under the knife by eight to ten percent.

 About 50 to 70% of surgeries around the world are performed with music playing in the operating room.

Cover image: Wikimedia Commons