Ryan Adams and his band are recording a full-length cover of Taylor Swift’s pop album 1989. He’s documenting the entire process on Instagram and says it’ll be in the style of the Smiths.  

So far he's covered "Welcome to New York," "Blank Space," and "Style".

A photo posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

A photo posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

To be perfectly honest, it kind of just sounds like a Ryan Adams song. Naturally, Swift is overjoyed by the news.

No word on whether nor not this ambitious cover project will be released or not.


Facts about: Ryan Adams

 Adams has written two books, Infinity Blues, a book of poems, and Hello Sunshine, which is a collection of short stories and poems.

 In 2002, a fan in Tennessee yelled out a request for “Summer of ’69” by similarly named Canadian artist Bryan Adams. Adams ordered the venue to turn on the house lights, found the fan, paid him $30 cash as a refund for the show, ordered him to leave, and said he wouldn’t pay a single note until it happened. Pam Matthews, the manager of the Ryman Auditorium apologized for Adams and allowed him back into the concert. The fan kept Adam’s $30.

 Thirteen years later in 2015, Adams covered the song with Bryan Adams in Nashville. The Ryman and Nashville never forgets. 

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