In a world where everything old is new (television, movies, music) again, mead is having a moment mostly due to its presence on HBO’s medieval-esque fantasy series Game of Thrones. The beverage is one of the world’s oldest and simplest: it is at its essence little more than water, honey, and fermentation.

It’s been enjoyed by gods, Vikings, kings and the entirety of Tolkien’s cast of characters, but it might be most associated with the European middle ages. It even gets a shout out in “Beowulf” where its partakers imbibe the beverage in a bonafide “mead hall.” Mead fell out of favor once sugar replaced honey as a sweeter, but it’s poised for a comeback. You can thank the craft brewing industry for that, and it’s growing in popularity fast. According to the 2nd Mead Industry Report, sales of mead went up 32% in 2013 from the year before, and in 2014 it went up again 42%.

Graph via Quartz. Image 1.Graph via Quartz

And that's not even counting how much mead is produced in the U.S. on an annual basis.