A&E’s 8 Minutes, already under fire by sex workers for being exploitative, is facing even more heat from the women who appeared on the show.

8 Minutes’ premise is that former police officer and current pastor Kevin Brown has eight minutes in order to “rescue” sex worker's from “the life”, and offers both counseling and resources such as shelter, health care, and educational, employment, legal and rehabilitation services.  Unfortunately, that appears to not be the case.

Kamylla, a sex worker, who appeared on the television show has taken to Twitter to air her complaints about the show, but the root of it is this: the producers promised her help and resources, and they failed to deliver. All they did was cut her a small check ($200) for “her appearance” and then severed all ties once the show went to broadcast. She’s not the only one, Donna and Gina who also appeared on the show reported the same ineffectual treatment and concern. 

What’s worse is that the show made no steps to educate or protect any of the women on the show. They weren’t offered a copy of their contracts, nor were their faces blurred or their information made discreet.

The show is already problematic in that it conflates women who are enslaved into non-consensual sex trafficking with women who practice consensual sex work of their own volition. But then to further endanger these women? Currently there is a petition circulating with 2,300+ signatures to prevent the show from airing.