How many episodes of the Late Show has David Letterman hosted?. Image 1.

 David Letterman has hosted


shows: 1,810 episodes of
Late Night with David Letterman, 
4,214 episode of the Late Show, and
4 prime-time specials

Last night, CBS aired its final episode of The Late Show with David Letterman. To the surprise of no one, Late Show's final broadcast outperformed all other late-night broadcasts. Letterman and company recieved the show's highest local rating since December of 2005.

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by the Numbers:

$400,000,000: Letterman's estimated worth.

$20,000,000: Letterman's salary from The Late Show.  At its height it was $30 million or more.

345,806: Number of followers that Letterman has on Twitter.

227,298: Number of subscribers that The Late Show has on YouTube.

19,932: Guests have appeared on the show.

4,605: "Top Ten Lists" that have appeared on the show. The very first one was, “Things That Almost Rhyme With Peas.”

1,135: Weeks that the “Late Show” has run.

136: Guest appearances by Regis Philbin, who holds the record. Jack Hanna is a close second.

126: Number of Stupid Pet Tricks segments.

112: Number of times that the show has been nominated for an Emmy.

89: Number of "Stupid Human Tricks" segments.

33: Number of years that Letterman has been on air.

22: Years that Late Show has been on CBS.

16: Number of times that Late Show has won an Emmy award.

16: Number of years that Letterman's "fued" with Oprah Winfrey transpired.

11: Different cities have served as the fictional "Top Ten" home office, with Nebraska the leading state with three cities. Indianapolis, surprisingly is not one.

4.39: What Letterman ranked in the coveted 18-49 demographic during his first season, along with 7.8 million total viewers, according to Nielsen

1: Bill Murray was the first guest on the premiere telecasts of both Late Night on Feb. 1, 1982, and Late Show on Aug. 30, 1993.

Additional sources: CBS