Ever notice that all the travel sites on The X-Files kinda look similar? Unsurprisingly the Fox legacy show (along with many others) have used sites in Vancouver, Canada as stand-ins for a bevy of murders, abductions and other spooky sites for Agents Mulder and Scully to investigate. Canada’s MVP though? The Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. Formerly the Seymour Demonstration Forest, the LSCR has stood in from everywhere to Puerto Rico to Siberia, at least until the show's production team move to Los Angeles. 

Pop culture and travel blog Atlas Obscura has mapped all of the locations that the LSCR has falsely filmed as (in Seasons 1-5). With Mulder and Scully returning to Canada, let's hope that we'll get to see more of the LSCR.

Turns out the truth is out there… in Vancouver. 

Cover: Hulu.