The Deuce, a new series from the mind of The Wire's David Simon, is set to feature the stories of the Times Square's golden age of pornography.

Simon, who says he is "married with kids and lawn furniture," explicitly does not want to make porn to critique porn. His intent is to show the signficance of the market during the time, and trace the origins of the pornographic film industry from the 1960s to the rise of crack-cocaine the HIV epidemic in the 1980s.

At first hesitant to take on the project, Simon and his frequent collaborator George Pelecanos were intrigued by the stories of a man who served as a mob front on 42nd street during the time.

Simon explains: "You don’t want to make porn to critique porn because that would be a venal journey—nor do you want to look down on people because that also is fairly dishonest. You really have to land it in such a way where it’s a story about people and it’s a story about markets—about the moment where something became legal and profitable and what happens to people in that environment when markets prevail."

The pilot for The Deuce is set to begin production in late August.

PS: "Adult" (porn) theaters still exist.

Cover image: Wikimedia Commons