On the last episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver dedicated a good 16 minutes to portraying the internet as a “haven for harassment” that women continuously face for the crime of being female and vocalizing their opinion online. During Oliver’s rant, he shows clips from GTFO: The Movie, a documentary that focuses on ethics in journalism women in gaming and the online threats that they face for being in the industry, alongside clips of Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu’s ABC News interviews.

Oliver goes further into the subject by discussing revenge porn, or non-consenual pornography, the inability of law enforcement officials investigating these crimes in mediums that they themselves may not understand, and the Intimate Privacy Protect Act of 2015. The bit concludes with a spot-on parody of early AOL internet ads.

Currently, there is no federal law against revenge porn, and only 23 states have passed laws against revenge porn. However, Twitter, Reddit, and Google have all made steps to ban revenge porn on their respective sites. 

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