Comedian Aziz Ansari has announced that his new Netflix show, called Master of None, will premiere on the streaming service on November 6th. He will costar with H. Jon Benjamin, Eric Wareheim, and Lena Waithe. The show is losely based on Ansari's recently published book, Modern Romance. 

Ansari said of the show, in which he will play a 30-year-old actor living in New York named Dev, "In Parks [and Recreation], I was playing a character who works for the parks department; it was not related to me in my life. This is like dumping my head and my heart into a show…like stand-up."


 Facts about aziz ansari:

 Ansari's parents play themselves on the show. He says, “There are not a ton of old Indian guys that are actors, and I feel my dad is uniquely funny.” His mom was less willing to play the part, but he convinced her. “If you love me, you’ll do this," he reportedly said to her.

 The comedians recently published book, Modern Romance, was written in collaboration with sociologist Eric Klinenberg.

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