Jon Stewart has only one week left of his 18-year run as host of The Daily Show. Last night he went out with comedian Louis C.K. and former Daily Show, current Nightly Show producer Rory Albanese to the Comedy Cellar, a legendary comedy club in Manhattan's West Village.

Louis C.K. is a fixture at the Comedy Cellar, where he often performs surprise stand-up sets. After his set, he invited Stewart up on stage, where he performed for ten minutes. 

A comedy blogger was there and described the scene:


Would Stewart like to go up next? Yes, it turned out. Very much so. Even if he just talked for 10 minutes, the prospect looked too juicy to pass up. Even if he was following CK. Perhaps because he was following CK. It’s fascinating to see and to know that a star goes through the same emotions before, during and after shaking off the proverbial rust of not having gone onstage as a stand-up in far too long.


 Facts about jon stewart and The Comedy Cellar:

 Stewart, who started out as a stand-up comedian, still has a fondness for the medium. He said during an audience Q & A on his show recently: “That’s how I started and that’s — I’m sure that’s how I will end. Eighty years old, standing on stage, going ‘ah, come on!’” 

 The very last Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart will air next Thursday, August 6th. 

Cover: @roryalbanese