In the first trailer for season two of HBO’s Leftovers, we’re told that the Garvey family move from Mapleton, New York to Miracle, Texas, a town that brags to have “zero departures.” However, if you think there are happy endings to be found, the trailer hints at more mysterious departures to come.

Leftovers season 2 starts October 4, on HBO.


Facts about: LEFTOVERS

 The Leftovers takes place three years after the “Sudden Departure,” a global event where 2% of the world’s population (140 million people) disappeared.

 The Guilty Remnant (also known as GR) is a grassroots organization, aka cult, that sprung up after The Sudden Depature. Members of the GR wear all white, smoke in public, do not speak and believe themselves to be “living reminders of God’s awesome power."

 The container used for leftovers is colloquially knowns as a “doggy bag."

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