Showtime will adapt Patti Smith's 2010 memoir Just Kids into a mini-series. In her memoir, Smith wrote of the years she spent with her then-boyfriend, artist Robert Mapplethorpe, in New York City. Smith spoke optimistically about using the medium of television:

“A limited series on SHOWTIME will allow us to explore the characters more deeply, enabling us to develop stories beyond the book and allow a measure of unorthodox presentation. The medium of a television limited series offers narrative freedom and a chance to expand upon the themes of the book.”

The series hasn't yet cast leads or set a release date, but Showtime has announced that Smith will produce and co-write the series with John Logan, currently the show-runner for Showtime's Penny Dreadful. Smith's sequel memoir, M Train, will be out October 6th.

video: patti smith performing 'horses & hey joe' in 1876

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