Osamu Sato has all but disappeared from the gaming industry. And though his company would go on to create some of the most surreal and terrifying games of all time – namely Eastern Mind: The Souls of Tong-Nou (1994) and LSD: Dream Emulator (1998) – he has been notoriously elusive. Motherboard caught up with Sato, and things got strange before they even began.

He's hard to reach or even profile. Outside of a mysterious Twitter account, Sato rarely speaks out and doesn't even have his own Wikipedia page but remains a luminary figure among the most twisted of gamers. Many even wondered if Sato was dead. But the cult figure laughs it off: "if I was really dead, I wouldn't have any way of knowing about it."

His vibrations are still being felt in the West, so much so that one fan, known as Figglewatts, is trying to recreate LSD: Dream Emulator using Unity with added virtual reality elements with Oculus Rift support. Yet Sato remains blissfully unaware of his popularity. But even with an indifferent Sato and limited distribution, fans are keeping the legacy alive, seeking out the games and helping bring sketches to life. 

Sato has left gaming completely and focused his artistic energy on forms such as painting and photography that he can pursue alone. But to be fair, he never thought of his creations as games in the first place, "I find my creations are rather contemporary art using game consoles."

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