E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) kicked off this weekend in Los Angeles. Bethesda closed their presentation with a demo of Fallout 4. Skip to 4:58 for gameplay which begins with meticulous face-sculpting of your character's parents in pre-war Boston and a robot servant. Then, war. You will be emerging 200 years after the nuclear attacks as the only survivor of vault 111.

You also get a dog to keep you company as you shoot giant hairless mole rats and search for survivors. It responds to commands if you just point at a thing and select an action. Actually, you can activate everything in the game. Even the environment is fully malleable, Minecraft-style. Here's a peak at the combat and some creatures. See more videos at Kotaku.

You can also get a special Pip-Boy edition for $119.99/£99.99. The game is out on November 10th.