Daniel Rosenfeld, or C418, the composer behind the dreamy ambient music that helps give Minecraft that innocent, wide-open, and lonely feeling, is finally getting a physical release.

Ghostly International, an electronic label that specializes in game soundtracks, will make vinyl and CD versions of Minecraft Volume Alpha (2011). A four song sampler was released at the same time.

Along with CDs and black vinyls, there will be 1000 limited edition LPs made, each one “will be pressed to transparent green vinyl and housed in a 3D lenticular-printed jacket with artwork by C418 himself.”

Anyone who has played Minecraft can tell you that feeling when the music first kicked in as you stared upon a virgin, unexplored landscape. No objectives flashing on the screen, no cramped hallways and assault rifles, all alone on a beach, as if you’re the amnesiac sole survivor of a shipwreck. All this possibility lies in front of you, and this soothing, meditative music carries you as you decide what to build next.

You can preorder physical copies and mp3 downloads from Ghostly’s website, and you can stream or buy Minecraft Volume Alpha directly from Rosenfeld’s Bandcamp page, including the 2nd album, Minecraft Volume Beta (2013).