Chatroulette is an online video chatting service, which randomly puts you into a video chat with a stranger. Typical Chatroulette encounters inclue exhibitionists, teenagers, and drunk people, but several Chatrouletters were recently given a chance to play a live-streaming, real-life first person shooter game, set in a creepy zombie filled cemetery and church.

To play, they shouted commands to an actor wearing a camera helmet like “Poke the body”, “Check what’s in the pot”, and “Run! Run! Run, fat boy, run!” Players had a Heads-Up-Display with a health bar, an overly gruff Batman-voiced main character, and over the top sound effects just like in a real video game. Some suffered a gruesome fate at the hand of zombies, but some made it to the final boss.

The UK production team, Realm Pictures, has released a making-of video.