In a new report published in the Nature Climate Change journal, researchers at the University of Exeter have determined that many cold water species of fish will be leaving the North Sea as it rapidly warms, marking an end for many of England’s fishy favorites. 

The report notes that the North Sea will warm by 1.8 degrees within the next 50 years. With the warming temperatures, the haddock and other traditionally native fish could all but disappear from England's Northern shores. 

“For sustainable UK fisheries, we need to move on from haddock and chips and look to Southern Europe for our gastronomic inspiration,” said the senior lecturer in Marine Biology and Global Change.

Species such as red mullet, gurnard, sardines, anchovies, cuttlefish and squid would become more common in warmer waters while the haddock will nearly disappear from the region. Time for calamari and chips?