Elizabeth & Clark has released a new product they call The Unstainable White Shirt that repels liquids by disrupting the hydrogen bond that binds together water molecules.

In the brand's awkward, slightly porn-ish promotional video, a successful woman living in New York City tries to get her younger, more lazy sister to interview for a job. In slow motion, the lazy sister tries to sabotage the plan by squirting condiments all over her chest as she wears The Unstainable White Shirt... Like “magic”, the goop either rolls off her shirt, or is washed off when her sister squirts water all over her, again, in slow-mo.

 While hydrophobic material isn’t new (videos of such materials have been circulating on YouTube for quite some time), this might be a breakthrough in nanotechnology, as it may be the first time that the integrity of the material isn’t lost. The fabric remains soft and breathable, unlike other hydrophobic products that are scratchy and suffocating.