A new way of administering vaccines may have huge impacts on medicine practices. Mark Prausnitz at Virginia Tech has developed a patch that has 100 micro needles each just a fraction of a millimeter long. When applied to the skin, the patch releases a single dose of vaccine (for flu, rubella, or measles) and is painless. Twenty minutes after applying the sticker-like patch, the vaccine has been dissolved and the patch can be removed and thrown away.

Image via Co.Design. Image 1.Image via Co.Design

What makes this little sticker so special is that unlike vaccines that are injected using needles, they don’t need to be refrigerated, they require no training to apply, and they aren’t any more expensive than traditional applications.

Image via Co.Design. Image 2.Image via Co.Design

The patch has yet to undergo human clinical trials, though Prausnitz says flu version could be ready in the next three to five years.