Hopefully you're not reading this on your phone because it could give you a condition called occipital neuralgia. Tilting your head forward 60 degrees puts an extra 60 pounds of pressure on the top of your spine and the muscles that surround it.

Your occipital nerves start at the base of your neck, originating from your spinal column and branching out along your entire scalp. When those nerves are damaged or compressed, you feel a chronic, often burning headache that could be on the back, side, or top of you head. Pain specialist Dr. Jeremy Poulson says "If those nerves are constantly being impinged by the muscles spasming and pulling, that leads to conditions such as occipital neuralgia- basically it's headaches that can be miserable."

For immediate pain relief, doctors can inject steroids into the back of your neck, but the only real cure is cutting back how much time you spend looking down.

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