For baby Beaded Lacewing bugs, silent-but-deadly takes on a whole new meaning. Or at least a literal one. The farts of these baby bugs are so toxic, they paralyze pray twice their size. Lurking in termite nests, the little Lomomyia latipennis stun the termites with a "vapor-phase toxicant" excreted from its anus. In other words, it farts on them. According to a study in Nature:

A larva repeatedly approached and retreated until the tip of its abdomen was directed at the termite’s head. The apex of the abdomen was lifted and waved past the termite’s face, without contact. The termite… was not repelled, as it made no obvious effort to escape. One to three minutes later it was incapacitated, lying supine, with its legs moving irregularly.

Once the termites are in a fart induced coma, the baby Beaded Lacewing eats them. A couple weeks ago, Hopes&Fears asked experts, what are the worst ways to die? Suffocating on butt gas pretty much takes the cake.

Cover image: Wikipedia