New advances in psychosurgery will allow surgeons to cut into their patient’s brains with lasers in order to remove obsessive compulsive disorder. Not to be confused with the maligned lobotomies of the 30s, this practice would only be offered to patients after all other measures have been exhausted.  

Before any cutting, the patient’s symptoms must cross a certain threshold of severity based on the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale. In addition, their symptoms must also be resistant to other forms of treatment, including but not limited to medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Only 20 percent of patients qualify for the practice, of those even fewer undergo the procedure. From there, doctors pin a stereotactic frame to the patient’s head, and use MRI and CAT scans in order to build a map of the patient’s brain in order to chart where the laser’s path should follow. 

Psychosurgeries aren’t the only extreme measure that a patient can undergo once conventional treatments have been exhausted. There’s also deep brain stimulation where electrodes are attached to your brain and shot with low levels of voltage in order to sooth out your OCD tendencies. Sounds great.

Cover: Wikipedia