Astronauts Koichi Wakata and Mike Hopkins videotaped themselves on board the International Space Station reading children's books aloud while orbiting the Earth. The story was about a space-faring dog named Max. 

Former space station's Director of Education Patricia Tribe came up with the idea. Tribe had the footage edited into videos for parents and teachers to show their kids. The Director hopes the project, called Story Time from Space, will help children learn to read while getting them excited about science. "We need to have literate people and we need to have scientifically literate people," she says.

Tribe was planning to take this idea further by creating videos of astronauts doing science experiments in space. That project blew up in flames (literally) when the SpaceX rocket exploded minutes into its mission to deliver supplies to the International Space Station. Now Tribe is trying to raise $20,000 to relaunch the project (also literally).

Cover image: YouTube