Recently there have been several sightings of giant lizards in the Bangkok sewer system, hunting rats and other small animals.

One traveler was able to catch one on camera.

Although it is easy to call this creature a Komodo, it is extremely unlikely that is really is that species, as Komodo dragons are only found on several remote islands of Indonesia. The species is most likely V. salvator, which is an aquatic variant and can reach lengths of 3 meters.

Monitor lizards are a larger genus of lizards, which include the Komodo dragon and various subspecies of smaller sizes. They are known to seek water as a refuge, and can walk underwater and use their tongue to catch smell prey, explaining their ability to pursue rats in the depths.


Facts about Monitor Lizards:

 Apparently, monitors are a relatively common sighting in Thailand. Recently, a group of pre-schoolers was terrorized when a 3-meter lizard scampered into their cafeteria after falling from a tree.

 Monitor lizards can range in length from several meters to just about 20 centimeters.

 The name "monitor lizard" comes from their habit of standing on their hind legs to observe their surroundings. Legend has it they predict the presence of crocodiles nearby.

Cover image: Wikimedia Commons