NASA discovered Earth 2.0!

Image via NASA. Image 1.Image via NASA

NASA is holding a panel from noon to one pm EST today and is broadcasting the audio and explanatory graphics. You can watch/listen here:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

They've discovered a twin earth using the Keplar telescope that they're calling Kepler 452-B.

Here is what they know:

The planet takes 385 days to revolve around its sun.

It is only 5% bigger than Earth.

Image via NASA. Image 2.Image via NASA

Its atmosphere is probably thicker and it probably has more cloud cover than Earth.

It is likely to have a surface gravity twice as strong as our own.

It probably has lots of active volcanoes.

Its distance from its sun is very similar to the Earth's distance from our sun.

Image via NASA. Image 3.Image via NASA

It receives almost the same amount of energy from its sun as Earth receives from our sun.

It's probably rocky.

Cover image: NASA