What percentage of the world's population will live in Africa by 2050?. Image 1.


of the world's population
will live in Africa by 2050


The global population is currently 7.3 billion, and over half the world lives in Asia. Under a fifth of the world's population lives in Africa. But between now and 2050, over half of the world's population growth will happen in Africa and by 2050 a quarter of the population will live on the continent.

Nigeria is expected to grow the fastest, surpassing the size of the US by 2050 with a population of almost 400 million - three times the size it is now. What will this mean for the West African country? Economic growth, hopefully. As long as there are enough jobs and investment in young people's development, the UN says.

Forty-eight countries labeled by the UN as "least developed countries" are expected to double in population by 2050, which could create challenges for governments:

The concentration of population growth in the poorest countries will make it harder for those governments to eradicate poverty and inequality, combat hunger and malnutrition, expand education enrollment and health systems… and implement other elements of a sustainable development agenda to ensure that no one is left behind.

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