Future non-teetotaling astronauts may soon be able to enjoy a refreshing cocktail in a proper glass. The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project aspires to produce an open top “cocktail glass” that can be used in space.

Like the 3D printed espresso cup, the also 3D printed Zero-gravity cocktail glass aims to exploit surface tension with a series of grooves along the glass. By putting your lips to the glass, a capillary connection is formed, and the martini, cosmo, whatever you prefer, moves down the grooves and into your mouth.

A weightless flight test was done by a Japanese space company, ASTRAX, has proven the concept will work. The Zero-Gravity Cocktail Project is seeking 30K on Kickstarter to begin more rigorous testing, and to develop better glasses. Future space tourists might one day be toasting each other with these glasses while looking down on Earth.