At the end of last month, Tesla announced the launch of Powerwall battery packs - home batteries that collect and store solar energy cheaply and efficiently. In response, home owners reserved over 50,000 Powerwall units. Another 25,000 Powerpacks - the commercial version of the battery unit - were reserved additionally. That’s roughly $800 million in product. Now analysts are skeptical as to whether the five million square-foot Gigafactory that Tesla is planing to open next year is going to be big enough to meet the demand. CEO of Tesla Elon Musk says, “We should try to make the factory bigger.”


Tesla isn't allowing reporters or videographers to tour the factory while it's being built. But that didn't stop a first-time drone videographer to film the factory from above "for fun." According to Musk, the video doesn't show the entire Gigafactory, but only the pilot plant which is roughly 1/4 the size. When complete, the factory will be 10 million square feet - the largest battery factory in the world and one of the largest factories in general.