Students in China have another thing to worry about while taking exams. In the Chinese province of Luoyang, an anti-cheating drone has been deployed to find cheaters during the national university entrance exams. Some of the methods cheaters have used during exams include glasses equipped with cameras, high-tech pens, and transmitters hidden in water bottles. Which is where the drone comes in. 

Owned by the state-owned ECNS, the drone searches for and identifies radio signals. In addition it has a range of 1km and the ability to hover 500 meters above the test site. After finding a signal, it then transmits the location to tablets used by staff. Those caught cheating could face prosecution, and will not be able to resit the exam for three years.

Considering that students in China are already under enough pressure from grueling course loads and societal pressure where they have incredibly high suicide rates that some schools have demanded that students sign suicide waivers and have installed anti-suicide barriers, this might be in fact be a terrible idea.