Remember Aibo, the pet robot dog Sony released in 1999? Aibo may seem like a novel, retro gadget of the past, but for for many (150,000 units have been sold at $2,000 each), Aibo has been a loyal best friend for the past sixteen years. But recently Sony has stopped repairing the robotic canine, giving the seemingly immortal creature a life expectancy.

Keeping them alive is up to a few home-grown technicians, who have to use dead doggy robot parts to fix alive doggy robots, due to a shortage of new parts. As this heartbreaking video shows, Aibo owners are mourning the losses of their pets, conducting funerals to honor the "dead" and arranging photoshoots to remember their lil' pups forever.

Video: Aibo pet robots are dying and their owners are heartbroken . Image 1.

Cover image: NY Times video