The United States Department of Defense has commissioned a hoverbike from Malloy Aeronautics, a UK-based firm. 

The hover bike is based on drone technology and features four bladed fans in casings which power it. The first version of the bike was developed in 2011, and was powered by two fans by New Zealander Chris Malloy. From there, Malloy developed his self-titled company (thanks to Kickstarter money) and developed the new four-fan design. 

Grant Stapleton, Malloy's co-director, believes that the hoverbike completed stands to be more advantageous than a helicopter. 

Said Stapleton, “It can get into places that a regular helicopter wouldn’t, and costs a lot less to use. And it’s considerably safer, with these ducted fans. If you bump into something, it’s not going to cause an accident or cause any damage.”

What Stapleton really wants is to see the hoverbike performs as more of a humanitarian and peace-keeping vehicle, but we're more interesting in using it to cruise through the forest moon of Endor. As of this moment, the Hoverbike Helicopter does not have a price or estimated time of arrival for deliveries.