In a move to adapt to the "selfie-loving" younger generation and combat fraud at the same time, MasterCard has announced it will now be offering a face scan option at checkout.

One of the latest security outfits "SecureCode" requires customers to imput a password when purchasing with a credit card online. It has reportedly been used in about 3 billion transactions last year.

Taking this a step further, services such as ApplePay, which allows customers to use biometric scans of their fingerprints for purchases, proved that people are open to using their bodies as passwords.

In order to do this, MasterCard will launch a pilot program using fingerprints and facial scans for a pool of 500 customers to test out the software. Once the kinks have been fixed, it will be released to all MasterCard users. 

The technology works by asking the user to hold up the phone to their face. When the user blinks once, the facial information is converted into binary code and sent to MasterCard. The images are never saved on the company's server.

Experts in cybersecurity worry that this method of detection is not safe. However, MasterCard is not stopping there. Soon, they will be developing voice recognition and even heartbeat synchronization technology for check out.

Cover image: CNN Money