Pornhub, the most social media savvy porn brand, has released a hilarious commercial for an app-controlled, virtual reality augmented, twerking butt sex toy, aptly called TwerkingButt™.

The machines cometh: Pornhub unveils robotic twerking butt and VR interface . Image 1.

I’m nearly sure that was art. Made by Topco Sales, a sex-toy company, the butt comes with "multiple twerking patterns, customizable rhythms, massage speeds, sensual vibrations and simulated body heat, which can all be custom controlled with the included remote or via your smart phone/tablet (Android or iOS)," Pornhub says.

The twerking can be synced to the music, and it’s patente “CyberSkin” warms to 98.6 degrees while “providing ideal levels of friction, elasticity and softness that's as near to the human sexual experience as possible,” says the brand.

The TwerkingButt Classic, which doesn’t offer twerking, will retail for $699, and the TwerkingButt Deluxe, for $999. Both come with the virtual reality headset. It will retail in August but there’s a $200 off deal for online orders as a launch special.

Images: TwerkingButt