A new app alerts you when someone you don't like is approaching you, tells you who to be friends with based on your heart rate, and even customizes your contacts and calendar to reflect your ideal social network.

The free app called pplkpr ("people keeper") works by using heart rate data collected by a $100 wristband. It tracks how your body reacts to people that you come in contact with, asks you how they make you feel, and then determines whether those people should be cut out of your life or invited to your next barbecue.

pplkpr from Lauren McCarthy on Vimeo.

We find it hard to believe that people actually struggle to determine whether or not they like someone, or that this struggle is so life-damaging that it validates wearing a $100 wristband 24/7. But despite the seeming uselessenss of this app, 70,000 humans have downloaded it already.

Cover image: Vimeo