In an effort to cut labor costs, a hotel in southwestern Japan, appropriately called Weird Hotel, uses robots instead of human employees.

Image via NY Post. Image 1.Image via NY Post

The English-speaking receptionist is a mean-looking dinosaur robot, and the Japanese-speaking receptionist is a female humanoid robot with blinking lashes.

Image via Daily Mail. Image 2.Image via Daily Mail

And instead of hotel key cards, the hotel uses facial recognition technology to register the guests at check-in. (This is because robots suck at finding keys evidently, and facial recognition eliminates the possibility of lost keys.)

A "robot cloak room" in the corner of the lobby consists of a giant robotic arm (generally seen in manufacturing) shifting around boxes locked behind glass. Outside, a drone flies around bringing jars full of snacks to guests.

Image via Daily Mail. Image 3.Image via Daily Mail

A night in the Weird Hotel starts at 9,000 yen ($80) which is considered a bargain in that area of Japan. The hotel opens for business this Friday.

Cover iamge: NY Post