A new analog screen has a resolution of only 80 by 80 pixels. But that's still pretty impressive, considering it's composed of 6,400 rotating spools of thread, nearly seven miles of fabric.

The Forever21 Thread Screen is a massive machine weighing nearly one ton. It was designed by BREAKFAST, a prototyping company based in Brooklyn, New York.

Until July 28, Instagram users can have their images printed on the F21 Thread Screen by tagging their photos with #f21threadscreen and watching the rendering come to life through a live video stream on F21threadscreen.com

Andrew Zolty, co-founder and creative officer of BREAKFAST, says the decision to use thread was inspired by its use as a basic element of fashion. The testing process took months, as spools generated a large amount of static electricity, causing several circuit fires, which must have been exciting. The machine's temperature must be heavily monitored to make sure the 200,000 custom built parts don't spontaneously combust. 



 Each pixel in the image is a 5.5-foot strip of threaded material, which can display up to 36 colors.

 In order to convert Instagram photos into threads, the images are sized down to 80 x 80 pixels. Then, each color is matched to the closest hue "in human perception."

Cover image: BREAKFAST NY