Wize Mirror is a smart mirror: it uses 3D scanners, gas sensors, and multispectral cameras that assess and monitor the health of the person using it. The mirror is being developed by researchers from seven European Union countries with EU funding.

The mirror analyzes the amount of fatty tissue on a person's face, his or her facial expressions (which could signal stress or anxiety), and how flushed or pale they are. Gas sensors take samples of the user's breath as an indication of how much he or she drinks or smokes. Multispectral cameras estimate heart rate and hemoglobin levels. 


other examples of 'smart' healthcare tools:

Cardiio is an app that uses a smartphone's camera to monitor blood levels in the face and determine the heart rate of the user.

SenseGlass uses Google Glass and other wearables to analyze the wearer's mood and help manage emotions.

Cover image: Flickr