A counterfeit iPhone operation allegedly producing over 41,000 fake phones was shut down in China by Beijing authorities.

The operation involved repurposing second-hand iPhone parts, resulting in an industry worth nearly 120 million Yuan, or $19 million U.S. Dollars.

Counterfeit iPhone factory raided in China. Image 1.

Image: Flickr

The operation was run by a husband and wife team on the outskirts of Beijing. The fakes were so convincing that several employees believed they were working for the company itself.

Four years ago, fake Apple Stores in Kunming City were also shut down by authorities.



 Counterfeiting activity is a huge industry, worth over $300 billion worldwide.

 Business Insider reports that about 54% of counterfeit electronic parts are produced in China, followed by the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan. 

 In one Chinese city in 2011, authorities uncovered 22 fake Apple stores.

Cover image: Wikimedia Commons