An interactive quiz from the New York Times uses information about the large cyber attacks over the last few years to give you an idea of whether your personal information has been exposed to hackers. Clicking on the services you use reveals a list of the information that is potentially compromised. 

Image: The New York Times. Image 1.Image: The New York Times

The quiz is blunt about your options. In response to the question, How can you protect yourself in the future?" they write, "It's pretty simple. You can't." Aside from a few tips about password safety, using two-factor authentication and keeping an eye on your bank account, there's not much you can do. 


 Facts about cybersecurity:

 When the chat program Slack was hacked back in March, a venture capitalist told the Times how helpless most start-ups are to these attacks. “Unfortunately, until someone comes up with a better way, the battle has shifted to identification, containment and damage mitigation,” he said.

 Security experts say that health care companies are particularly vulnerable to hacks because of their weak security.

 Reusing passwords is a major problem. Though hackers usually are only able to gain access to a little bit of an individuals personal information, they can often use what they've found to gain much more sensitive information, as people use the same passwords across many sites and services.

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