Google revealed on Tuesday a new feature for Google Search that will help users avoid long lines and people in general. Google Search will now show when the busiest times of the week are at popular places, and will allow you to circumvent long waits at the DMV or a particularly popular coffee shop.

According to a Google spokesperson, the information is based on “aggregated and anonymous data from mobile devices that have location history enabled.” The feature is still rolling out, and will eventually be available on both Android and iOs.


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facts About Google and search engines:

 Google Maps will now let you know if a place will be closed by the time you get there or not. Currently this update is only available to Android users, no word on when this will reach iOs.

 Google Maps has also been tracking your every move, which is great if you don't know how you stumbled home from the bar the other night, but also seriously creepy.

 Search engines like Google have changed the way we remember and our memories function. In an study by Columbia University psychologist Betsy Sparrow entitled “Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips,” researchers discovered that when people have access to search engines they remember fewer facts because all they have to do is remember where to find the information.