The tech company is slowly creeping back with a new version of its wearable computer to businesses in the healthcare, manufacturing and energy industries. No new photos have been released of what we’re affectionately calling Google Glass 2.0, but here are some things that we do know: 

 The new Glass will not have a wire-like frame, but instead will have a button-and-hinge system to attach to different glasses.

 There will be improved battery life (for up to two hours) compared to its predecessor. 

 In addition the 2.0 will also have a faster Intel processor, and improved wireless connectivity

Google stopped selling Glass in January in response to public backlash regarding privacy concerns. Google plans on operating in secret, and will only release 2.0 “when it’s ready.” Those in the know have said that a publicly available version is a year away.

Cover: Wikimedia Commons


facts about google Glass:

 Market-research firm Toluna found that 72% of Americans won’t wear Google Glass due to privacy concerns. 

 Google actually published a guide on how to not be a creepy "Glasshole."