On July 30th, Google filed an application for a patent with the title System And Method For Providing Live Imagery Associated With Map Locations

The patent is for a system which will allow Google Maps users the ability to see popular locations live, using 360-degree cameras placed by Google. "The image capture device may continually provide image information, which is processed, for example, to remove personal information and filter spam," Google writes. "The image capture device continually captures multiple views of the given location, and the requesting user can select which perspective to view.

An image from the patent application shows what an interface for the program might look like: 

Google has filed a patent application for a real-time Street View using 360-degree cameras. Image 1.

We were alerted to the patent by Twitter user Antonio Regalado.

A patent application, or even a patent, doesn't mean this idea will become a reality. But seeing as many public surveillance cameras, such as traffic cams, are already accessible online, a Google controlled live street view app isn't so far fetched.