Burning Man will debut it's first virtual reality event this year. VR enthusiasts Shannon Norrell and Dara Bonakdar will set up VRCamp - 16 VR viewing stations occupying two tents alongside a 30 foot by 20 foot projection screen. Users will be able to experience the HTC Vive and Google's 3D painting app called Tilt Brush. There will also be motion capture suits linked to massive projections of animated robots and Godzilla dancing along with the crowd.

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 Burning Man began in 1986, drawing a total of 20 people. In 2014 it had 65,922 attendees.

 The first Burning Man took place on Baker Beach in San Francisco. In 1990 it was moved to Black Rock Desert in Utah, where it's been hosted every year since.

 The only vendors at Burning Man sell coffee and ice. Everything else is obtained through sharing and bartering.

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