Turns out we all need a smartphone sterilizer in our lives. According to Innored in Seoul, we touch our smartphones “150 times a day and 7,000 kinds of germs are found on it, which is 10 times more than that of a toilet.” And this is a thing we put on our faces, so that’s reassuring. Thankfully, there’s a cure for that.

Korean online shopping and auction site Gmarket teamed up with British product design company Kinneir Dufort to create the “Green Toaster.” The concept is simple enough, you load the toaster with your phone, activate Gmarket’s app, and press down on a lever. From there the “Green Toaster” takes over and uses a UV lamp to sterilize your phone. Simple!



Facts about: Toasters

 Invented in 1893 in Scotland.

 Before the toaster’s invention, sliced bread was toasted by either placing it in a metal gram or on a toasting fork and holding it near a fire or kitchen grill. 

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