In response to a large number of searches for solar energy installation, Google has launched Project Sunroof, which aims to connect people to the closest solar panel provider near them.

Frequently searched questions include the cost of solar panels and installation instructions. Google utilizes nearby Google Earth results to steer customers in the right direction by calculating how much sunlight they get, and their best spots for solar panel installation.

Currently based in Boston, Project Sunroof will soon open in Fresno and the Bay Area, before launching across the US. 

Facts about solar energy:

It takes about ten minutes for sunlight to travel to the Earth, even though it is 90 million miles away.

Solar energy can be used to heat water, make salt, and as food for plants to create fossil fuel.

The average Californian can save about $35,000 over 20 years installing solar panels.

Cover image: Wikimedia Commons