People from Spain run the fastest, while people in the Philippines run the slowest - according to research conducted by RunRepeat which compared marathon performances across nations. 

While marathons tend to be championed by elite runners from East African countries like Kenya or Ethiopia, RunRepeat has used the data generated by the sub-elite (non-winners) in each country to find out how fast average runners race. They also looked at how popular marathon running is and compared participation between men and women. 

For turnout, the United States ranked as the most gender-equal: 45.15% of all American marathon runners are women. Spain is the most gender-lopsided: only 6.41% of marathoners are women. For average marathan performance (42.195 kilometres or 26.2 miles), Spain ranked number one in speed - averaging 3 hours, 55 minutes, and 35 seconds to complete a race. Women in Iceland (4:18:29), Canada (4:19:12), and Portugal (4:19:17) are faster than men in Japan (4:34:02), Philippines (4:57:53), and India (5:00:34). The popularity of marathon running is increasing drastically in Asia; participation is up by 92.43% since 2009. Meanwhile, Europeans seem to be getting lazier, as they've experienced the least amount of growth globally (10.30%).