Amazon, the world's second largest online retailer, is suing three companies that allegedly sell fake reviews for products on its site. The suit accuses Jay Gentile of California and websites that operate as and, among others, of trademark infringement, false advertising and violations of the Anticyber­squatting Consumer Protection Act and the Washington Consumer Protection Act.

Mark Collins, the owner of, tells The Seattle Times, "We are not selling fake reviews. However, we do provide Unbiased and Honest reviews on all the products. And this is not illegal at all.” He says that he acts as a middleman between sellers and reviewers and there are no restrictions on the content of the review.

That defense may not work when it comes to the trademark infringement side of the lawsuit. Amazon says that the sites are using its name and logo without permission as well as being guilty of cybersquatting by using domains that are “identical to or confusingly similar to” the retailer.